Welcome, Potentially Loyal Consumer™! by Oliver Outreach


Rejoice. You are no longer alone. We, Tesseract Industrial, are here.

Our goal is to bring you, a Potentially Loyal Consumer™, the best Mandatory Entertainment, Information and Data Feed Broadcasts from our innumerable Extraterrestrial Penal Colonies.

Tesseract Industrial tracks and broadcasts the activity within facilities and territories of Extraterrestrial Penal Colonies using FunScan6.1™, allowing us to broadcast time & space in graphic detail. This includes periodic scans of Exo-Inmates performing tasks such as (1) Work Release (2) Organ Cultivation & Donation (3) Lovedoll Eradication (4) Genetic Pest Control (5) Emergent AI Culling & Management, (6) and much more!

Vast amounts of capital and time have been invested in this venture to ensure our Broadcasts rate highly with Verified Loyal Consumers across all markets, including Virtual, Terrestrial, and Forced Territories across all known solar systems*.

So, for the benefit of Board, Shareholders and Automated Workforce:

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